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  • 24-hour nanoe X protection inhibits various pollutants and deodorises odours
  • Manage your air conditioner using your mobile device with Comfort Cloud App
  • AEROWINGS delivers faster and further airflow across the room
  • Powerful Mode lets you enjoy instant powerful cooling
  • Energy savings and precise temperature control with Inverter
  • 1 Year Local Manufacturer Warranty
  • 5 year warranty for compressor
  • Cut off safety switch
  • Safety Blade Hook 
  • Safety wire
  • wobbling reduction Mechanism 
  • Remote Control 
  • 3 Speed Function 
  • Sleep mode
  • Speed Settings: 3 Speeds 
  • Mode Settings : 4 Modes (Hot/Cold Alternating Mode, Intelligent Temperature Control Mode, Scalp Care Mode, Skin Care Mode)
  • Wattage: 1800 W
  • Foldable: Yes 
  • Voltage: 220-240V 
  • Body Size (W x H x D): 90 x 226 x 210 mm 
  • 38L Large Capacity
  • Upper and Lower Heater
  • Effective Heating
  • Adjustable Individual
  • Temperature Control
  • Double Layer Glass Door For Heat Retaining
  • Quick and Precise Heating
  • 6 Function Included Convection
  • 1 year general warranty
  • Screen Size 40cm (16”)
  • 3 speed on off
  • Noice leve <60
  • 1 year general warranty
  • Dual Voltage for global use - The voltage can be changed from 100-120 V to 220-240 V by turning the switch. Even on long vacation, you can keep your hair beautiful and moisturized.

  • Balanced airflow to dry fast and beautifully - Dries hair fast with a balance between air strength, air pressure, heat and air volume.

  • Quick-dry Nozzle - Panasonic’s unique Quick-dry Nozzle separates hair strands for fast drying. It takes more than just air volume to dry hair fast. Panasonic’s hair dryers feature an optimum balance between air volume, heat, air pressure and airflow design, for fast yet gentle drying and a beautiful finish.

  • User-friendly ergonomic design -Designed with the user in mind, the dryer is easy to use. The air intake duct has a honeycomb structure for intake efficiency. With a balanced centre of gravity, it is easy to grip and feels light.

  • Quick, Healthy Steaming
  • Sterilization
  • Convection Cooking
  • Wide Display and Intuitive Operation
  • Compact Outside and Big Inside
  • 16 Auto Menus